Arthritis and Joint Therapy

TING POINT ELECTRO THERAPY will kill the INFECTION (viral) & pain of the Arthritis and will reduce the size of the deposit.

Secure a pad or pads directly on the joint or a pad on each side of the joint and secure in place and treat for 1 hour. You can treat your fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles & feet. Not only does it kill the arthritis but it also thickens the fluid and kills any bacterial infection in the joint caused by the arthritis.

Do not allow yourself to suffer with Arthritic pain when you can eliminate it with the TING POINT ELECTRO THERAPY.


Lower back pain is remedied with the Ting Point Electro Therapy. Place pads directly on the spinal cord of the lower back and treat for several hours while you are walking around. You can place pads on both sides of the spinal cord at the same time to help ease the muscle pain.Lower Back Pain


Elbow InflammationShoulder Inflammation
Elbows are treated very effectively with the Ting Point Electro Therapy. Excellent for treating Pitchers and Ball players suffering with pain in Shoulder and Elbow. All Pitchers should be treated after every game or workout. It is easy and efficient. You can treat while doing your normal day to day chores.


Place 2 pads directly on the damaged muscle and the appropriate Ting Point. For the Hamstring we use the Bladder Ting Point:

You can view the location of the different Ting Point by clicking on the TING POINT tab.


Treat the kidney Ting Point of both feet. View the Ting Point chart for location.

You also treat the area of the fracture with 2 pads directly on the fracture.


Knee InflammationAnkle Inflammation
Secure pads on each side of the joint and treat for 1 hour or more. You can walk or light exercise while treating as it increases the healing process.

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