Ting Points and their application to the health of Equines and humans was developed by Dr. Are Thoresen DVM of Norway many years ago. He is a legend in his own time. He published Alternative and Complementary Veterinary Medicine which is the core of Ting Points.

This is a well-established therapeutic approach to treating horses and humans WITHOUT needles using acupuncture theory.

Ting Points are acupoints that are the start or origin of the major meridians ie: heart, lungs, small intestine, large intestine, pericardium and the triple heater are located on the finger nails of the hands of all humans. The other Ting Points are located on the toes of the humans ie: Kidney (ball of the foot), liver, spleen, ball bladder, bladder and the stomach are located on the toenails. (See Diagram Here)


It is possible to treat all of these organs with the Ting Point Electro Therapy with tremendous results without any negative side effects or problems. It is totally holistic and non-invasive. We do not use needles only gel electro pads. The current and treatments are painless. The current is so low you can hardly feel it. The average person is able to treat themselves for many debilitating illnesses or diseases as well treat under functioning organs like the lung, brain, liver & kidney.

We have taken a very successful therapy and improved it with our amazing Electro Micro-Current without the use of needles. Our wave form is Anti-Viral as well as Anti-Bacterial. Viruses & Bacteria cannot live in our wave form. When we treat an ill patient we treat the major organs as to kill any virus infections that are living in the organs and blood stream. We cleanse all organs and the entire blood supply in the body with our antiviral wave form.

We guarantee the results with a money back guarantee.

We have been treating Horses, humans, dogs and cats with outstanding results for 15 years. These treatments have been very successful on every continent in the world. Our clients are worldwide.

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